I should’ve just smoked that last joint. But then again, there wouldn’t be much of a point. Would have to wait for another 20 minutes for just three drags that wouldn’t even get me high. Fuck it. Good decision to leave that place. The music was making me sick. 

I don’t like this road. It’s way too dark. Maybe I should plug in my earphones. Listen to some music that I like. This music is so much better than the shit those faggots were listening to. Finally my ears can stop feeling molested. 

Why can’t the government just put some lights on this street. It’s stupid and dangerous. That’s how you get raped. But that is offensive. I would like to take back some of these statements. But I can’t do that. They’re kind of stuck now. Making me feel like shit. I mean if I meet someone who has been raped I might feel bad. But I can still use the rape analogy. Because it’s easy and accessible. Maybe I’m trivialising the victim’s pain. I should have just stayed back at the party, left with the others. This road is getting really scary. There’s no light. I should use the flashlight from my new and updated smartphone. 

Ah, that’s better. I think there’s someone following me. Hey, it’s just a dog. “Come here, boy”. Dogs are so nice. Look at him wagging his tail. Okay that’s enough of that. “Bye dog”. Oh fuck, there’s a couple making out in the darkness. I think they’re scared of me. That’s funny. Idiots. I would love to mess with them but it’s getting late, I think I should just go home and sleep. Maybe I’ll roll one for myself before passing out. That’d be nice. But I’m a long way from home right now. If I’m lucky I’ll meet another dog.