Kashmir has been a topic of interest in this sub continent since 1947. I’m not going to go too deep into its history. Even though I have studied it and technically the state was supposed to go to Pakistan. A lot of complications came up, mainly because the King of Kashmir was kind of an asshole at the time. But lets not get into that. It really doesn’t matter in the larger scale of things. 

I’m not even going to comment on the current use of pellet guns by the army or even the army occupation in general because I’m not a military or political expert so I don’t think I’m qualified to comment on that. I’m sure the army has its reasons for occupancy and at the same time I can understand why Kashmiri’s would want to protest against it. I mean, c’mon, who wants to live in a state of perpetual fear since statistics show that there is one army personnel for every 25 Kashmiri citizens. I’m sure that would be scary for anyone. 

The point I want to put up is that I see a lot of people within the Indian mainland commenting on how the Indian army should just kill anyone protesting and that the land is rightfully India’s and Kashmiri’s should just learn to live with it already. This is just plain stupid according to me. I’m not saying that Kashmir should go to Pakistan, I mean it’s a much more fucked up country when compared to India but the point is, there’s clearly some valid reason that Kashmiri’s are protesting so fiercely. I mean they’ve been doing it for 69 (heh, 69) years. How can anyone sitting anywhere just ridicule their struggle? I’m sure some of it must be influenced by Pakistan but I’m sure there must be a prettty substantial amount of the population that is genuinely suffering from all this bullshit. 

Most Indians get super emotional about Kashmir. Most of them talk about Kashmiri pandits and how they were harassed. And they were. But then the present Kashmiris are being harrassed right now. I would really like to just ask people to stop getting emotional about the piece of land. If you want, get emotional about the plight of those people because I’m sure privileged urban people (read : usually assholes) like us have never had to live our whole lives in the insecurity of being questioned about our aleigance about our own country. I’m just saying, don’t be assholes, it’s just a piece of land (or mostly a pretty awesome vacation destination) for us, but it’s someone else’s home, again, don’t be assholes about it. 

And please don’t make stupid blanket statements like “Kashmir belongs to India”. Nothing belongs to anyone. It’s just a label. Try to look past that bullshit for once. 

P.S – I may be (read : Probably am) wrong about this whole thing and simplifying it. But I stand by the core point that we have to stop caring about the land and start caring about the people. If anyone would like to discuss this with me without shooting me with pellet guns or stones but with factual arguments, you’re most welcome to correct my opinion.