I’ve never considered T.V shows to be as important to me as films, not even close. I still don’t, but something has changed ever since I finished watching David Lynch and Mark Frost’s cult classic show, ‘Twin Peaks’. This show is straight out of hell. 

The thing is, whenever I watch a T.V show, I usually have a good reason why I like watching it. There’s always one element about said show which I’m fascinated by and keeps me hooked. For instance, the characters of ‘Breaking Bad’, the style of ‘Narcos’, the unapologetic tone of ‘South Park’ and even the randomness of ‘Adventure Time’. But there’s really no one aspect of Twin Peaks that I can point to and say “this is why I like the show”.  

What is brilliant about Twin Peaks is that it’s the only show I’ve seen which is extremely grounded in reality but when it’s not, it goes fucking ape on the whole narrative. Rarely have I seen such a drastic shift in tone in such a raw and unapologetic way. The show doesn’t shy away from going on a supernatural route. It doesn’t even avoid cliches. In fact, the show thrives on them. Almost every character in the show is extremely cliche ridden and yet, somehow, it doesn’t make me feel annoyed or cringe – y. 

The thing about this show is that it doesn’t keep me hooked, it keeps me interested. The difference between the two being that it’s not like the story line is making me watch the show, it’s the sheer weirdness of it. For once, there’s a show that doesn’t beg you for attention, it deserves it. From the way it’s shot to the gutsy sound design that often contrasts the flow of the show. 

Also, it would be a crime not to mention the beautiful way in which the audience is confused into wondering what the genre of the show is. We don’t know if the show comes under ‘Horror’ or ‘Comedy’. The relationship between the characters and their idiosyncrasies are sometimes funny and other times horrifying. There are moments in the show where I really don’t know if I should laugh or be afraid. This gives the show a truly chilling vibe. And Lynch uses this type of manipulation in almost all of his films. I had never really appreciated Lynch’s work before, but now I’m starting to get his work and there’s no turning back. 
I really wish there were more shows like ‘Twin Peaks’. I wouldn’t want to say more because I know a lot of people in India haven’t gotten a chance to watch it since it was made in the 90’s. I was lucky enough to have been screened some episodes in college. So I would recommend every one to watch this show because it’s truly brilliant. And especially if you’re into film making or just a cinephile who hasn’t seen any of Lynch’s work yet, then start with this one, it’ll help your understanding of the master’s work.  

Also, After almost two decades, Lynch is bringing out season three of Twin Peaks in 2017 if I’m not wrong. So I’d suggest start binge watching it now so that you can enjoy season three in time.