Horace and Pete is a show created by comedian Louis C.K. He managed to cut out all middlemen by producing the whole show himself and simply uploading it on his website for anyone to purchase. 

This is a radical move. Financially, it’s suicide because the show is extremely unconventional and features a nearly A list starcast. Also, C.K did not advertise the show at all. But I’m keeping that aspect (however badass it may be) aside and purely looking at the quality of the show. 

Simply put, this show is gold for comedy nerds. By comedy nerds I don’t mean people who just watch sitcoms. I’m talking about the nerds who watch stand – up all day.                                                   The show’s format is quite straightforward – It’s an adult (I use adult for lack of a better word) sitcom without the laughtrack. It has been shot like a play but not multi cam. 

The lack of a laughtrack is just brilliant. It accentuates the joke 10 times because we are so used to hearing a laughtrack which occurs every 5 seconds and doesn’t allow us to enjoy any joke in its entirety. In this show the joke just lingeres on. This gives freedom for experimenting with the show to no end. The deadpan tone of the show is also the reason why most audience would reject it as boring. 
But to me, the best part of the show are the characters. This is one of the only sitcom where characters are not created out of convenience or some plot necessity. Not every character is important to the show, but they still exist and are used heavily because that’s exactly how real life functions. The show gives the impression of being a superficial comedy but is actually grounded in reality. 

I would recommend every one to watch this show (and please buy it from Louis C.K’s website) even if you’re not used to such humour. Trust me, just wait and watch it with slightly more patience that you might use on other shows. It will definitely grow on you. 

P.S – I’ll soon put up a post analysing the structure of one particular episode. I haven’t said much in this post so as to not spoil the show and also to keep some of the stuff for the aforementioned post.