I recently got done with my college life. The change has been pretty hard on me, as I’m sure any big change is on anyone. In this post, I’ll try to illustrate the biggest thing my college, SCMC (Symbiosis Centre For Media & Communication), and the people associated with it taught me.

I have been a rookie film maker since two years and this college is the reason for that. I had not fixed on being a film maker when I joined college. The only reason I wanted to study films was because I liked watching them. That’s pretty much it. I had absolutely no idea how any of it works. However, a lot of people in my college had gained a decent amount of experience even before they stepped in. I’ll be honest, this made me jealous and slightly intimidated. Where I came from, I was considered a “movie buff” because I had seen a few ‘mind fuck’ movies. But this college was a whole new ball game. Forget the films that college showed us, even my batch mates had seen at least every thing I had. I wasn’t the buff anymore. I was a normal guy.

See, I came from a school where nearly every one was culturally challenged. Most of them were these stinking rich assholes who couldn’t give lesser of a fuck about any sort of art. So this new place was great. I didn’t make a ton of friends (and I’m very thankful for that), but I made a few really close ones (you know who you are, niggas). 

Soon I made a few short films (four to be precise) and I got a frank reply from all of my friends. Some of them told me that I suck, and I’m sure others thought it, and they were right. I did suck. That was the thing about this place. It was a mini industry, without the money. If you sucked, people booed. If you were good, people would applaud. This was a place where we could just make films (or any other sort of art) for the fuck of it. It was a big deal and it also wasn’t. Personally, I just wanted to avoid humiliation. Not in front of everyone, just those friends. Because if my film sucked, they would tell me that it sucked. No bullshit. 

To me, one of the major reasons I worked (along with an insane team) as hard on my degree film, CowMan (You can watch it by clicking here), was because I didn’t want to hear the words “You Suck” from my friends (and myself). Perhaps I’m being a little too honest but it’s true. It might be a little bit like the film ‘Whiplash’, but it was really the most motivating thing I had going for myself, thanks to my friends. I also provided similar motivation for some of my other batch mates, If you’re reading this, I hope you took it seriously, as I surely did. 

I really did not want to leave college since it was definitely the best three years of my life yet with some pretty chill people. And that’s why I couldn’t let it end on a bad note. I don’t know about anything else but at least I didn’t hear those two words from my friends about my final college film (I can already imagine some of them typing “You still suck” in the comments section of this post). 

I really miss the time I spent there. I wish I could’ve made more films. I miss working on a script just for the sake of it. I miss being, uh, inebriated, for most of the week. I miss chilling with friends who lived within a radius of 3 kilometers (sorry, Pune Localites). I miss deciding when I want to wake up (and more importantly, pass out). But mostly, it just hurts that I probably will never work on anything again just expecting the small payoff that my friends might like it. 

To end, I really miss college. I never thought I would miss that place as much as I do. It really sucks leaving Viman Nagar. By the end of it, I saw an other wise pretty emotion free crowd tear up and confess how much they love the place (maybe it was all the pot). I wish I would have done that back then instead of writing a stupid blog post about this now.