This is going to be a short post since I’m REALLY  high right now and I just realized that I HAVE to write a post everyday.

My Short Film just got screened at an event and the audience was pathetic. They kept talking throughout the film. But this I can understand, since it’s not a major film and they’ve not really paid for this specific event. But this event reminded me of the countless times I’ve spent at cinema halls (and even concerts for that matter) where I’ve left in absolute disgrace because the audience wouldn’t shut the fuck up.

I don’t know any other way to say this, just shut the fuck up when you’re watching a film. This is a sincere request. Next time when you’re watching a film or are attending a live gig, think of it like you’re sitting in someone’s office. Because that’s what it means to us. We, independent film makers, bands, comedians, etc, don’t have much going for us except for these tiny little events where we can show case out stuff. And if you assholes attend the event and try to bother us during our moment, I don’t know what else to expect of the supposedly “intellectual” audience in in the country.

So please, next time you attend an event, watch the whole gig before you start talking like assholes. Thank you.