For context, please read my post on ‘Meninists’ before you read this. Thank you. 

I put up a post on Meninists yesterday, it spoke about how they’re absolutely stupid for complaining about being exploited by women. I got a lot of praise for that. Some people even texted me and said that I was on point, apparently.
Now, honestly, I’m divided about writing this. The sensible part in me is telling me to take the applause and run, fuck it, don’t mess with these other fuckers. But then again, if I’m going to be honest about one topic, it just wouldn’t be fair if I ignore every thing else.
So, here’s my take on Radical Feminists or hilariously nicknamed, ‘Feminazis’.

To begin with, it’s funny, okay? And I’m a conventional feminist. It’s hilarious to see the ‘triggered’ memes like the image attached with this post. And in a way, the whole thing boils down to that, humour. Feminazis cannot take a joke (if you’re frowning right now…well). And that’s the only thing I’m going to talk about. I’m not going to go into the male / female bashing nonsense because that should be apparent to any level headed human being.

Feminazis, if you’re not aware, are these group of radical feminists, men or women, who believe that anyone who doesn’t subscribe to feminism or doesn’t talk in a gender neutral way (Chairperson, not Chairman) is a regressive piece of shit who needs to be killed or something. Now, while those people may be assholes or maybe even ignorant, it’s a little fucked up to go after every single issue and trying to add the label of a gender to them.

Back to the humour part, Feminazis believe that joking about sexism, feminism or even rape is just grounds for instant death. THESE PEOPLE WILL BADGER YOU for even mild jokes. To me, every thing can and should be joked about (I’m going to write a longer piece on Political Correctness later, in which I’ll be elaborating this point) simply because they’re jokes. I’m not saying jokes don’t hurt people, they do, but as long as the intent of the joke is not to hurt, it’s fair game.
What’s really pissing off to me about these Feminazis is that, otherwise, these people are really nice. They’re the liberal ones who’ll fight against censorship but at the same time they’ll try to censor what other people are saying online.

I’m not against shaming people (clearly) but at the same time, when I rip into someone, I do it indiscriminately. If I see a fat dude dressed in a funny outfit, I’m going to laugh. And I’m going to do the same if it’s a woman. I’m being an asshole about it, but at least I’m being a feminist. I laugh with my female friends when they talk about some ugly looking dude they saw on tinder or whatever. But suddenly I’m not allowed to laugh at a chick who’s wearing something funny because apparently I have to respect her choice. And I do respect her choice, truly. I’m just laughing at that choice.

Feminazis need to realize that, and I quote Bill Maher, “The world is not one large liberal arts college campus”. If I call a guy a ‘Dick’, I don’t mean to undermine his gender. So at the same time, if I call someone a ‘Pussy’ (which, by the way, derives from the Latin word – ‘Pusillanimous’ meaning Timid. So, Fuck You. You got nothing on me.), I’m not saying that all women are weak, I mean that that person is being timid. Pussy is just better sounding. Try saying it. You’ll feel good. P-U-S-S-Y.

What I’m really trying to say is, you Feminazis need to be consistent with your World view. You have to realize that if you’re going to raise an opinion, ANY OPINION, people are going to laugh at you. This is the internet we’re talking about. And if you don’t learn how to take it in jest or even accept the fact that certain people won’t change their views about feminism, you will have to move on. Simply because there’s no point to it. You’re distracting yourself from the real issues people face all around because of gender inequality.

Basically, stop being a stupid pussy (yeah) by becoming a social media warrior and telling people to not say certain things. That is only going to make it worse. And every one is laughing at you. You’re as bad as a Meninist if you do that. (Actually no, those guys are the bigger pussies)
And seriously, don’t stop people from saying the word Feminazi. It’s funny. The more you fight the word, the further you’ll drift away from issues that matter.

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