Reason 1:

For the past 2 years I’ve been heavily involved in either writing screenplays, Directing those screenplays or jizzing on them. And even now, since my job (Yeah, I’m a paid writer. Weird) also requires me to either write or develop scripts, I have kind of forgotten how to write normal shit. This is mainly just an exercise so that I keep writing regularly. I’m going to try to put up at least ONE piece of writing daily for 365 days. Starting with this post, I will try to keep going strong until 27th of July, 2017. I don’t want to call it a challenge because I don’t really believe in that (Sour Grapes).

Reason 2:

I’ve recently graduated and hence I miss college. At least the environment. Mainly because I practically lived with my girlfriend, did things I can’t put up on a public blog cause my parents might read this, made some decent and some bad short films (you can find all of them at and mostly just vented a lot of hate at every thing along with similar minds. This is something that’s missing in my life right now because I really don’t want to grow up yet so I’m just going to vomit all my hate here, if any.

Reason 3:

I’m currently in the first year of my professional life and I’m really under prepared for something like this. For those who don’t know me (wow, you’re reading this), I’m a rookie Film Maker (Writer/Director) and I’ve just started a job as a writer at a production house. In this industry, almost all rookies keep working only on the basis of hope and passion, two traits I’ve never really had. I’m very impatient and I lose interest in things quickly. So I realized that this first year is extremely crucial for my career and if it goes down in flames, I want to have publicly available proof of my downfall. 

Reason 4:

I am planning to make some films in the near future and every single person who I can get to click on that YouTube link is important. And this blog might just help me out with that.

Now since I don’t want to constrict myself to certain specific formats, the pieces could be anything, from Short stories to movie reviews or just angry (and heavily biased) venting that may or may not piss off a lot of you, and if you feel offended, remember that I am a blogger after which feel free to continue masturbating, as I surely will.